Archive | January, 2014

What to do with pets when leaving for a vacation?

31 Jan

The biggest demotivator for buying puppies is that people often get confused so as to what to do with the pets when leaving on a vacation or when leaving out of town for any emergency. Well, no more worries. The best solution to your problem is a dog hostel. What is a dog hostel? A […]

What to Feed your Adorable Dog!

27 Jan

The biggest debate that most pet owners enter into is regarding the kind of food that they feed their pets. I, being a dog lover from the age of 4, like to conduct a thorough research about what the product is going to do to my doggy before I put anything in his mouth. However, […]

Best Potty Training Tips for New Pet Owners!

24 Jan

The worst nightmares of any dog owner are the dog potty training part. Dog potty is something that scares even the bravest of us all. I have come across many people who would really love to buy a puppy but deter only because they don’t want to go through dog potty training pains. However, most […]

The Online World of Grooming Pets

21 Jan

With the increase in our dependability on the internet, people have started relying on it for their every need. In the earlier times, it would be unimaginable that one could procure pet grooming advice and Dog products online. However, today, it is not only possible but also the trend. I mean, look around. Who has […]

What do all new dog owners need to know?

16 Jan

You might have heard many clichés about how life is an endless river or a box of chocolates and so on and so forth but the true meaning of a happy and fulfilling life is when you have a true and faithful companion. I learnt this when I planned to buy puppy for my sister […]

Dog Show 2014 in Ahmedabad

8 Jan

Showing off your dogs in Style! Believe it or not, our Dogs have become one of our most important accessories. A friend and an adorable pet, our dogs have rightfully earned a platform for themselves to be showed off on! The Dog show of 2014 in Ahmedabad is one that all the dog lovers of […]

The Best Dog Grooming Tips for New Pet Owners!

2 Jan

People usually don’t own pets only because they look good or act as a status symbol. People get their pets so that they can tend for them and care for them like their own. I don’t know why but there is a special joy in brushing their coat and bathing them. One feels so good […]