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Help your Dog Socialize

5 Mar

Many dog owners don’t realize that the best way to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy is to make sure that they socialize enough with their kind. It has been seen in most cases that dogs love to hang around their owners and other humans, but they get insecure and angry when another […]

My Fun Experience with Four Pawed Pals at Dog Show!

3 Dec

Dog Shows in Ahmedabad are usually held during winter between January to February. However, till now I didn’t have the opportunity to go to any of the shows. The jinx was broken this November, when I visited a show organized at St. Xavier’s College Ground, Navrangpura. The ground was abuzz with dogs and pups of […]

7 Steps That Will Make Dog Boarding A Breeze For Your Pet

30 Sep

Staying away from your beloved pets is never an easy decision for dog owners. They either have to opt for pet sitters – who are few and far between or select a dog hostel, which can take extremely good care of your pooches. Talking about dog boarding facilities in Ahmedabad, there are a number of […]

Have Dogs, Will Groom – Why Opt For Dog Grooming From Professionals?

18 Aug

Dog grooming is something that we all have different notions about. While some of us are of the opinion that grooming a dog at home is the best thing, others think that it is a job that is best left to the experts in the field. I personally agree with the latter. Why you ask? […]

Dog Training for Provision of a Meaningful Life

29 Apr

My passion for dogs has opened a new arena in my life. Earlier I was just contented to keep dogs as pets in my house. I used to spend the entire day looking after them, feeding them, playing with them and of course training. With passage of time they would understand all my needs and […]

How to have a well Groomed Dog

12 Apr

Dog grooming includes a lot of different services – it includes basic services like bathing, trimming their nails, pressing their anal glands, brushing teeth and trimming their hair.  Grooming enhances a dog’s appearance and helps to keep their skin healthy. There are quite a few reasons why quite a few pet owners choose to get […]

Make your own Dog Shampoo at Home!

7 Mar

If you own a dog(s) just as I do, you will understand when I say how a dog’s maintenances and expenditure can cost us a fortune. Living in a world where money can never be enough, it is extremely important for us to be able to find out avenues where we can save a little. […]

Picking the right dog boarding center

22 Feb

Having a pet dog in the house is lots of fun. We love to spend our leisure time with our pet dogs and gradually our pet dog is considered as one among the family too. When such love and care is given to pet dogs, we always prefer to give it the best treatment. When […]

Handling a new puppy

5 Feb

As much as we love them as our own, animals can be difficult to understand and to groom from time to time. Although we all would really love to have a fur ball at home to cuddle up to, it is very important for pet owner aspirants to understand that a pet dog isn’t a […]

The Online World of Grooming Pets

21 Jan

With the increase in our dependability on the internet, people have started relying on it for their every need. In the earlier times, it would be unimaginable that one could procure pet grooming advice and Dog products online. However, today, it is not only possible but also the trend. I mean, look around. Who has […]