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Handling a new puppy

5 Feb

As much as we love them as our own, animals can be difficult to understand and to groom from time to time. Although we all would really love to have a fur ball at home to cuddle up to, it is very important for pet owner aspirants to understand that a pet dog isn’t a […]

Must have dog supplies at home for your new pet

4 Feb

Getting a new dog is like having your own baby. The preparation for it has to start really in advance. As more and more people begin to understand the true meaning and joy of having a lovely little pet, the diversity of pet dog supplies in the market have increased exponentially. Such a wide variety […]

Cheat Sheet for New Pet Owners to Train their Dogs

1 Feb

Dogs all over the world are considered to be the most favourite of all pets. Everyone loves to have a tiny ball of fur that can light up your lives just by rubbing at your feet or even looking at you with those adorable eyes. However, the most difficult part of introducing a dog in […]