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Cheat Sheet for New Pet Owners to Train their Dogs

Dogs all over the world are considered to be the most favourite of all pets. Everyone loves to have a tiny ball of fur that can light up your lives just by rubbing at your feet or even looking at you with those adorable eyes. However, the most difficult part of introducing a dog in your lives is the dog training part. Pet dog training does not have to be as difficult as people think it to be.

Are you ready to take this responsibility?

Before we get down to answering any other questions, it is important that you understand that getting a little dog in Ahmedabad is a matter of responsibility. Like any baby, it too will get cranky from time to time and need your special attention. Get one for yourself only if you are willing to love and care for it. Dogs usually live up to 7 to 15 years depending upon their breed. Only bring home a dog if you are eager to make a long time commitment to it.

How to undertake pet dog training?

Pet Dog Training begins right from day one. If you are bringing your puppy in Bopal, ensure that you ask your dog training in Ahmedabad for tips. This is important because he is the one who has bred the litter and knows best about his individual habits.

Once you get the puppy home take it straight away to the place where you want to train it to pee and to go potty. Wait till he relieves himself. If he doesn’t go even till 10 minutes then bring him inside and keep an eye on him. The moment he bends his hind legs, lift him and bring him back to the place that you have assigned for his potty.

Puppy proof your house. If you bring your pet home from a dog training kennel in Ahmedabad, then make sure you ask him about what are the changes that you might need to make before bringing home your puppy

Be prepared for little accidents. Dog Training a can be slightly challenging at times. Not all breeds respond to training easily. Therefore be a little patient with potty accidents. Do not use harsh punishments to train your adorable little bundle of joy. It will only confuse him and make him scared of you.

Puppies usually bond better with females than males so, ensure that the female of the house tends to his nursing needs. That will make him more tamed in nature.

Reward him very much for some habit that you want to reinforce in him. Do not use the same words of praise for good behavior and potty. If you do, when you will praise him for something the next time, he will start off right there.

Seek professional advice wherever necessary.  Training is a simple process but every breed has special needs. In order to be able to understand and behave concurrently with various breeds it is best to seek some professional advice from any popular dog training in Bopal.

Lastly, love your pet a lot. They sense your feelings and respond according to it. They will also establish a pack leader in their minds from the occupants of the house and tend to listen to him/her more than the others. Encourage this behavior as it will help in making life much easier for all of you.

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