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Dog Boarding Basics – What Every Pet Owner should Know!

14 Jun

Being a pet owner, one of the main anxieties that I face is who will take care of my furry friend when I go on a long trip. Sure, there are plenty of dog boarding facilities out there. But are they trustworthy? Will they take care of my dog just the way I do? And […]

Training your Loved Pet to Behave!

2 Jun

Everyone loves to have a ball of fur rolling around the house and cuddling with the owners to make them feel great. Their little antics and barks always make you laugh. However, the whole scenario takes an evil turn when your dog starts misbehaving. Dog training Dog training is the biggest concern for a lot […]

Blissful Experiences you Experience only with Pets

10 May

I am an animal-lover and puppies are my best friends and most wonderful companions. I enjoy playing and taking care of them and I never seem to get enough of them. As I came to Ahmedabad after my transfer, I felt lonely and wanted to keep dogs as pets. I explored the internet and browsed […]

Dog Training for Provision of a Meaningful Life

29 Apr

My passion for dogs has opened a new arena in my life. Earlier I was just contented to keep dogs as pets in my house. I used to spend the entire day looking after them, feeding them, playing with them and of course training. With passage of time they would understand all my needs and […]

Puppy Potty Trainer in Ahmedabad

14 Apr

The day finally arrives when you and the children pick up the puppy that everyone has been waiting for since Christmas.  The children are especially excited to have their very own furry friend – puppies just like children, tend to have accidents.  There are times when they pee or poop on a favorite rug and […]

How to have a well Groomed Dog

12 Apr

Dog grooming includes a lot of different services – it includes basic services like bathing, trimming their nails, pressing their anal glands, brushing teeth and trimming their hair.  Grooming enhances a dog’s appearance and helps to keep their skin healthy. There are quite a few reasons why quite a few pet owners choose to get […]

Make your own Chew toy for your Pet!

12 Mar

Dogs can be adorable and loving, but when the teething begins, it’s almost like all their senses shut off. This is because, like human kids, their teething also irritated their gums and makes it very difficult for them to resist putting anything in their mouths. So, torn shoes and bed spreads are the order of […]

Make your own Dog Shampoo at Home!

7 Mar

If you own a dog(s) just as I do, you will understand when I say how a dog’s maintenances and expenditure can cost us a fortune. Living in a world where money can never be enough, it is extremely important for us to be able to find out avenues where we can save a little. […]

How to care for your new puppy?

1 Mar

Introducing your pet into the family is one of the most beautiful experiences that you will ever have. The day when you start planning about getting your own puppy, the kind of reactions you will get from your friends and family will range from over enthusiasm to hatred. However, once you have made the decision, […]

Things to check right before boarding your dog

28 Feb

People with pet dogs often find it difficult to take a vacation or even to spend a day out. As a solution to such a problem, these days, a lot of dog boarding services are open right for your convenience. A Dog hostel is the safest place for pets when you decide to take a […]