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Dog Walking in Busy Schedules

There is no doubt about the fact that life has become much faster in today’s time. More and more people have gotten busy and their lives have become much more complicated. People have too much to do and very little time.

This is the biggest reason why more and more people are getting stressed out and suffering from depression. In order to cope with such stress and depression, people are bringing in fluffy friends. However, dogs need time. The very reason for your happiness can also become a little demanding when it comes to care.

dog walking app

Dogs depend on us for everything. We are what gets them food and shelter. We are therefore naturally responsible for making sure that they get their daily dose of exercise. That’s not all. There are many reasons why dogs need to go out for a walk. They are:

  • It allows them to relieve their bowels.
  • It kindles their brain because they get a lot of different kinds of smells, sights, and sounds to experience.
  • Dogs always need exercise so that they remain healthy. A walk ensures that they can get it. This release of pent up energy will also result in a much happier temperament while inside the house.
  • Walking on a leash helps dogs understand and identify who the pack leader is.

Make a Time Table

Dogs have a very strong sense of time. Their body clocks are exceptionally sharp and they understand what time is their walk time, what time is their food time and what the time to go to bed is? This is why; you would have noticed that if you don’t take him away for his walk at the regular time, your dog will start misbehaving.

This is why it is of critical significance that you chart out a simple and effective time table. Don’t be one of those people who will compromise on the happiness of their pooches for their own comfort. If you chart out a clear timetable, it will become very easy for you to give a little time for your dog’s needs.

Have a reminder system

Sometimes; unknowingly we forget important things because we are so busy. We have too many things on our mind so; things like walking the dog might be pushed to the back of your head. Setting up a reminder on your phones is a great idea but if you let your pooch sleep in with you, he or she will remind you by themselves!

Think Healthy

Making exercise a part of your routine is an excellent way to ensure that you stay just as healthy and fit as your dogs. Exercise is extremely important for us, but if you like the outdoors and enjoy the occasional run, then, it might be a great idea to involve your dog. Take him with you for your exercise sessions and jog with him. It is an excellent bonding time and will give you both the much needed work out.

Playdates with Playmates

Dogs can be a handful when alone. But give them a partner and they will stop troubling you altogether. Having a playmate that matches up to their energy will ensure that they can expend all that excess energy in a way that helps in calming them down. It also changes their temperament to a more playful and amicable one.

You don’t necessarily have to get another pupper if you don’t want to. Just find out if any of your neighbors have a dog that they want to leave around for a couple of hours, or if they’d be happy to keep your dog with them for a while.

uber for dog walking

Use the Dog walking app

The newest kid on the block is the Uber for Dog walking application. This is an app that helps you hire dog walkers. If you have a very busy schedule and if you really can’t spare the time to take your dog out, then you don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

With this app, all you need to do is mention the breed of the dog, his or her age and any special requirements. Then you can simply mention the pickup destination for the dog and the app automatically matches them with a suitable dog walker.

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