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A Guide To Choose Elk Antlers For Dogs

Besides regular food, there is a host of other items that pet dogs require. Treats and chews are the most important ones among them. And when it comes to chews, most pet owners trust natural options. Raw hide chews have been quite popular for a long time now. But many pet owners are now switching to elk antlers because of the many benefits they offer. 

What Are Elk Antler Chews For Dogs? 

As the name indicates, these are chews prepared from the antlers of an elk. As they are single ingredient chews they are often considered to be safe and healthy options for dogs. Most veterinarians today recommend using such natural options to promote healthy chewing behavior in pet dogs. 

Why Are Elk Antlers For Dogs So Popular?

Elk antler chews might look a lot like the other commonly available commercial chews. But they are so different. As safe, natural and durable options, elk antlers are trusted by pet parents around the world. Here are some of the benefits they are known to offer. 

1. Nutritional Value 

Chews are not always just for the recreational chewing behavior. You can also squeeze in some extra nutrients in your dog’s diet by offering healthy chews like elk antlers. The nutrient composition of these antlers make them healthy and safe options for dogs. They contain zinc, potassium, manganese iron and glucosamine among other ingredients. As a result, when your dog chews on these antlers for a long duration, these nutrients also get these nutrients especially from the marrow in these antlers. 

The nutrients in the antlers are also known to be healthy for aging dogs with health problems. The anti-inflammatory property of these nutrients make them suitable choices for dogs with bone and joint pain in their senior years.

2. Splinter Free Durable Choices 

One of the main reasons why pet owners hesitate in giving natural chews to their dos is the presence of splinters. This happens with several dry chews including wood. But elk antlers have good moisture content. As a result, they do not splinter easily. This makes them safe for the dog to chew on for a long time. 

Besides the benefit of not forming splinters, antlers are also known for their durability. The exact duration for which an antler lasts depends on the size of the antler and the chewing strength of the dog. But most of them last for several weeks. So, they are cost-effective options for the voracious chewers. 

3. Diversity In Sizes 

Considering the varying chewing needs of different breeds and age groups of dogs, elk antlers come in different shapes and sizes. Besides variations in sizes you will also find split antlers. These come with the marrow section exposed. As a result, the nutrients from the marrow are easily ingested by the dog. 

4. Natural Ingredient Is Safe For Dogs Of All Age Groups 

Some commercially available dental chews come with added preservatives to increase their shelf life. Some contain flavoring agents to make them delectable to dogs. Both these can be harmful to the dog in the long run. Most of them meddle with the natural digestive capabilities of the dog. But elk antlers are fully natural. As a result, these single ingredient chews are light on the dog’s stomach and do not cause any digestion problems. 

How To Choose Elk Antler Chews For Your Dogs? 

There are plenty of options in elk antlers for dogs. Here are a few things to consider when you choose one-

  • Pick from a brand that brings naturally shed antlers. These are cruelty free options obtained from elk that naturally shed their antlers in the spring season. 
  • Look for odour-free options as these are the safest to offer dogs. The odor in some could be due to chemical treatment or the additional of flavoring agents, both of which can reduce the effectiveness of the chew. 
  • Choose the right size for your dog. Tiny ones might cause choking hazards in large breeds. 

As you can see, there are so many reasons why pet parents choose elk antlers for dogs these days. Considering the health and well-being of their pet, most pet owners only trust credible brands from local pet stores. This gives them the assurance that they are offering their pets the safest and the most effective chew that maintains their dental health. 

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