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How to Cater For Your Pet As They Get Older

At some point, your pet will become a senior. As they age, they require a little extra care and love. They have slightly different requirements than young ones. Taking care of a puppy is all about playing, training, and occasionally cleaning up messes. You have to keep up the good job when they are older but with some adjustments. Here is what you need to know.

●    Watch Out For Any Changes

Change is inevitable when your dog or cat gets older, but not all changes are normal. Some of them might be a symptom or may indicate a deeper issue. Find affordable pet insurance so that you can visit the vet every time you notice something different. Your dog may suddenly become afraid of loud noises or may reject your touches. You might also notice the pet having several accidents around the home. You shouldn’t assume such changes are caused by old age. Get a professional examination to ensure everything is okay. There might be underlying medical issues that need treatment. The only way to know for sure is through a medical exam. The vet might tell you some common symptoms to look out for.

●    Keep Your Pet Active

When your pet is aging, it’s still crucial to keep them active and ensure they get lots of exercise. When they are not active, they will start losing muscle mass and develop other conditions. The aging process will also be faster for a pet that’s not active. You can adjust your playtime, but the pet still needs to move around and play a little. It prevents weight gain and minimizes the risk of arthritis. Older pets are not the most receptive, especially when it comes to physical activities, but you have to do your best. However, slowing down doesn’t attest to old age. Your dog or cat might be in pain, and that’s why it doesn’t want to move around.

●    Adjust Their Feeding Habits

Younger pets are very energetic and need calories to burn, but that is not the case when they get older. Talk to your vet about the right amount of food and make the necessary adjustments. The amount of food you give them should be based on their weight and age. Too many calories may make them overweight. It will be hard to lose excess weight, especially if they are not exercising as much. Extra weight will strain their joints and put them at risk of health issues. Start adjusting the food as soon as old age starts creeping in but don’t do it before talking to a professional. Consider supplements that veterinarians recommend. They can help keep the pet healthy in their senior years.

●    Regular Grooming

The pet’s skin and coat also age with time; what used to be shiny may become brittle and dull-looking. Pets suffer from irritated, flaky, and dry skin, and it might worsen if you don’t take care of it properly. Regular grooming becomes very crucial at this stage. Stick to natural shampoos that heal and nourish irritated skin. Other products might worsen the skin and coat’s condition, so be careful what you buy. You should also brush the dog regularly to avoid tangles. The grooming sessions will also be extra time with your beloved pet. It’s hard witnessing all the changes that come with age, but this gives you a chance to create lasting memories. You have to ensure the pet lives a quality life even in old age.


These are a few tips on how you can deliver better care to your pet as they age. Remember, there are mental issues to watch out for as well. You need to keep your vet close and report any minor changes in their behavior or physique. As long as you take every precaution, your pet will be fine.

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