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7 Safe and Fun Ways to Treat Your Dog

Being able to spoil your dog with treats and entertaining activities is one of the pleasures of dog ownership. Here are seven safe ways to treat your canine friend if you want to show him extra love and attention.

1. On a hot day, give your dog a frozen treat

Dogs experience the heat on a hot day much like humans do. Pugs and French bulldog puppies with short noses struggle more in hot temperatures. They can chill off with and enjoy eating a frozen treat. Before giving your dog a Kong or other hollow toy, think about packing it with peanut butter and storing it in the freezer for a few hours. Even better, before freezing, fill the Kong with broth and close the tiny hole at the small end. Give them proper dog food 3-4 times which is you can buy online dog food online

2. Allow your dog to select a new toy at a pet supply store

A pleasant social activity is taking your dog to the pet supply store. The sights, sounds, and fragrances all offer social opportunities and cerebral stimulation. Additionally, your dog can help you load your shopping cart. Toys come in a huge variety of forms, from squeakers to chew toys. You can let your dog roam the aisle to consider all the options rather than assuming what he might like. To avoid boredom, it’s crucial to switch up your dog’s toys, so adding a new one on Spoil Your Dog Day will be a welcome surprise.

3. Get Your Dog New Gear

Give your dog some swanky accessories, like a new collar, to help him look his best. Get your dog’s name monogrammed in a cute design for a special touch. In case your dog gets lost, you may also include your phone number. You might also give an LED collar a try to brighten your dog’s life.

Another option to reward your pet is with a warm dog sweater as autumn is just around the corner. Different animal motifs may be seen on these cosy knit sweaters.

4. Massage your canine companion

If your dog enjoys cuddling, he probably enjoys massages as well. He’ll be able to unwind and get any achy muscles relieved. Use gentle, sweeping motions to go over your dog’s body, being sure to stay away from any areas he dislikes being touched. You will be performing some crucial training as your dog enjoys a spa day. Getting your dog accustomed to handling can make it simpler to take care of his grooming needs, including teeth brushing and nail trimming.

5. Take Your Dog Swimming

The Labrador retriever is one breed that is attracted to water like a magnet. The opportunity to take a dip is a wonderful way to spoil these dogs who are bred to love the water. Find a body of water that is safe to enter and isn’t being affected by strong currents. You may also throw a ball or stick into the water for him to play fetch with. If your dog has never been in the water before, start out cautiously, maintain your composure, and provide him with a life jacket so he can hone his canine paddle.

Install a sprinkler in the yard and chase your dog through the water if your dog doesn’t like to swim or isn’t a breed that is good at it.

6. Bring Your Dog to a Dog Park to Play or Go on a Hike

Even while it’s crucial for your dog to exercise physically each day, if you want to spoil them, a short stroll around the block won’t do. Take advantage of both by hiking in the woods with your dog. The fresh surroundings and aromas will be incredibly enlightening. Just remember to pack your dog’s bowl and fresh water, as well as poop bags to dispose of any waste after bathroom trips.

Another location that combines both mental and physical activity is the dog park. Additionally, it gives your dog complete freedom to interact with people. He can run unrestrained while meeting new people. But your dog should always be under your supervision. Not all of the other guests are as friendly just because he is.

7. Prepare some dog treats

Who among dogs dislikes treats? Try making some biscuits for your dog. Because you have complete control over the ingredients, you may adapt the recipe to your dog’s preferences by adding bacon or apple flavouring. Only include items that are safe for your dog, and always check with your vet before introducing any new foods to your dog’s diet.

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