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How to stop submissive excitement and pee in dogs?

Dogs are the most loving creature, and the way they wag their tail in excitement is a treat to watch. Dogs are lovely because they feel you and form a bond with their caretaker.

What makes them unique is their love and excitement because they consider the owner as a dominant figure and live their life around this idea. When you come home, they welcome you in excitement. 

Dogs acknowledge your presence and jump around to show their excitement. They also move tails and sometimes urinate submissively in happiness. It is a natural behavior, and you will observe a little bit amount of submissive urination in dogs when they get overly excited۔.

In older age dogs, there is frequent urination, and it is still a normal sign. But if it happens more often, it is an alarming sign.

What is submissive urination in dogs?

Submissive urination is a physical response of a dog to something that makes them happy and excited. It is normal even in the best dog breedsbut it occurs less often.

Submissive urination is associated with the dog’s behavior in dominant circumstances. All the best family dogs show love and affection to their owner. 

Sometimes to acknowledge the presence show they adopt a submissive urination posture and pee in excitement. While doing this, they avoid eye contact and roll over their stomaches, and or make submissive postures to pee.

In this case, it is normal because it is their way of showing affection and happiness.

Now the question of how submissive urination becomes a worry when it exceeds a certain level?

Well, to understand this science, you must know that excessive pee is not a good sign, and it is linked with underlying pathology.

Here are some of the causes behind excess submissive urination

Medical issues

The medical issues connected with frequent peeing are Urinary Tract Infections, Weak bladder, and incontinence. All these medical conditions affect bladder control and make your dog pee more.

To find out the actual cause, visit the vet and get your dog checked. In this way, you will get to know why your dog lost bladder control and how to regain it. Although Urinary tract infections are less common, they still have an essential role to play in submissive urination in dogs.

Behavioral issue

Sometimes frequent peeing in a dog is not because of medical cause but is a result of a behavioral issue. They mostly appear in young dogs who are in their learning phase.

When your dog is under 12 weeks you have to give them house training, and it includes the urge to control urination. But if your dog is not able to control the urge of urination, it later turns into submissive peeing.

It is common in young dogs, but if a dog is doing it after 12 weeks, it means they got incomplete house training. It is a common behavior issue in adopted dogs because they have no proper learning of urinating and are not able to control their urge.

In this case, you have to teach your dog before the age of 12 weeks to control their urination urge and show appropriate behavior.

Insecurity issues

Submissive urination is somewhat linked with insecurity problems in dogs. If a dog feels insecure, it will express it in the form of frequent urination. 

As a caretaker, you have to give proper training to your dog and let not their insecurities overpower their behavior. Teach them how to stay cool and protected because insecurity is a common cause of submissive peeing in dogs.

Insecurity issues come with separation anxiety, and to deal with it, you can help them through therapy and love.

How to stop submissive urination in your dogs?

If your dog is suffering from submissive urination, here are some simple ways by which you can help them.

Treat medical issues

If it is because of a medical cause, the first thing you have to do is to get it treated. When you work on the underlying cause half of the job is done. For the next part, give your pet proper house training on urination and how to control their peeing urge.

Treat behavior issues

For behavioral issues like the excitement, the best thing you can do is to involve them in multiple things. You can take them out, ask them to play with you, and do other such activities that help your dog forget the urge to urinate.

Keep them engaged

Overexcitement and anxiety both are a cause of submissive urination. In both cases, you have to help your dog and engage them in multiple things. If they get excited seeing you, keep your reaction low-key.

A cold response will help them over them their happiness. For this purpose, stay quiet and act normal when your dog gets excited. It is the best way to subside their happiness.

For anxiety issues, you can take them for a walk, play with them in an open area or teach them different behavior activities like greeting, using puppy pads, and some other stuff.

When you engage your dog, it helps them control their emotions and leaves a good impact on their urination urge.

Treat them for using the right place

If you want your dog to learn the best house training or urination, treat them every time they follow your instructions. It will boost their morale, and next time they would act more carefully.

For this purpose, give the puppy treats from time to time to encourage them over their good behavioral attributes.

Don’t punish them

The best way to stop your dog from submissive excitement and peeing is to treat them with love. When you punish them for submissive excitement or urination, it increases the level of fear.

Too anxiousness and fear make it unable for your dog to control excitement and frequent urination. So, stay a little calm and don’t reprimand them for peeing in excitement or stress.

Leave them alone and clean their stains to make them feel protected and secure.

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