Dog Day care

Tips For Maintaining While Choosing a Dog Daycare

When you are out for work or on vacation, leaving your dog behind is a crap feeling. You need someone to take care of your furry baby back at home. A good animal creche or dog care center is something you should look for. So, when you look for a creche in the town, use these tips for a better and more thorough search. There are multiple dog care centres that might be in your area. You need to check their timings, available facilities and vets that are available, and then take your dog’s accordingly, to make them accustomed to the place.

  • Take A Tour: It is always wise to take a tour of the dog care center before you send your doggy there. Check whether all the facilities are available there. You can also check how they treat the dogs. Check the staff behavior with the dogs available there.

  • Check The Facilities: does the dog care center have enough room for every dog? Check the ventilation facilities minutely. Is there any fresh air exchange facility available? Do they have big doors or open space on one side of the center? Both the dog and their masters should engage into better forms of conversation with the dog care heads, and ask them relevant questions about the type of breeds they keep, what happens if the dog gets sick, what will be the timing of training modules, food and medicine timings etc.
  • The fencing should be high enough to stop dogs that want to jump or pounce on other dogs. Check the floors of the dog care center. Epoxy floors or rubber floors are always better for your furry babies. Hard cold concrete floors are a big no!

  • Dog Grouping & Separating System: Check whether the dog care center groups the available dogs as per their temperament and size. Small dogs are not safe around big size dogs.  If you find a dog care center big enough, they will maintain this grouping process very minutely.

  • Guided Activities: It is always better that your dog learns something while staying in the creche. Always ask the creche owner whether they have any training or activity class running. Also, check whether an expert is going to take the class or not. It is not wise to leave your dog to any amateur out there. Healthy playing, movement of the dogs inside open premises of the dog care campus, proper air circulation-everything allow the dog to grow well.

  • Dog To Staff Ratio: Thestaff to dog ratio is an important aspect when you are looking for a dog care center for your furry baby. Generally, 10-15 dogs per human is a ratio maintained by dog care centers. If the dog day care center doesn’t have enough staff, your dog will be neglected there. If it pees or poops during the time, the staff must clean the dog properly.
  • Check The Toy Policy: Your dog might not be habituated to sharing his toys with other dogs. If so, he might get violent when other dogs take the toy from him. Ask about their toy policy beforehand and discuss how your dog reacts when someone snatches his toy.
  • Emergency Medical Facilities: You are leaving your baby behind, and you need to be sure about the emergency medical facilities available at the dog care center. 


Please check all these points first and then only send your dog to the daycare center.  A lot of daycare centers are out there in the town. You must research properly before sending your baby out. This doesn’t work on a trial-and-error basis. Find out from some daycare websites that specifically look after small dogs, or dogs that are just born.

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