Vetting the Vet for your Pet

When you bring a little pupper into your family, you hardly think about finding the right vet. Well, welcome to the world of tiring hours of upkeep and maintenance of your pet’s well being. Finding a vet might sound like a simple thing but can actually be a very complicated and cumbersome thing to do.

In order to make this chore a simple one, let us first break down the whole thing into three basic processes:

  1. Finding the right Vet.
  2. Taking a tour of the Veterinary Clinic.
  3. Questions that you must ask.

These are the three things that are absolutely critical when it comes to the selection of vets for your pets. Let us now further break it down so that we can have a better understand of how to find the right vet for your adorable pooches.

vet for your pet

Finding the Right Vet for Your Pet

Before we get down to discussing anything else, here are the things that your vet must have:

Scope of Treatment

This is something that people often ignore. Not everyone understands the significance of the word “scope”. This means that it is the ability of your vet and his clinic to handle and treat the range of illness. So, perhaps one vet is excellent for first aid, but not good enough for conducting a surgery or something.

Time Per Patient

We don’t speak our pet’s language. This is why we have more worries and concerns about our puffy pooches. We naturally have too many questions and we need someone to give us adequate time and enough information. Patience is key. The worst thing is to have someone who is rushing you through your questions and pushing you out the door.

Single Point of Contact

Animals are very different from human beings. You have to develop a relationship with them for them to be able to trust you completely and to allow you to touch them and to treat them. So it is also very important that you have a single point of contact. If you find that every time you visit the vet, it is a different person, then it will be very tough for you to build a relationship with them. You will also end up having to discuss the entire history of Support for area pet rescue organizations (it’s important to me that my vet be invested in the local animal welfare community).

Taking a tour of the Veterinary Clinic

Before you take your pet to the location, it is of utmost importance that you take the time to go and take a look at the premises beforehand. You have to be well aware of the things that you might have to encounter there.

Try to make a list of little points that are important.

  • Do they have a waiting area?
  • Is there a division between the areas between dogs and cats?
  • Is it a sanitary environment? (You don’t want other dog’s infections in your dogs)
  • Does the staff look amicable or irritable?
  • Is it easy to reach from your home?

Asking the right questions

More often than not, we forget all the things that we need to ask the vet. So, try to ensure that you write down every doubt you have in a point wise manner. You can ask your vet these questions over an email or message them beforehand so that they have enough time to go through them and prepare the necessary answers.

Don’t stop at asking and knowing. Remember to put it down in writing so that you don’t forget it later. It will also be easier for you to pass that information to someone else that way. Also, don’t forget to share these questions. You never know who might need help.

uber for veterinarians

Vet on demand App

This is possibly the best solution when it comes to getting your vet checked. Think of it just like and Uber for Vets. So, when you need to show your dog to the vet, you just need to put the details in your mobile app and the vet will be there at your doorstep.

The app requires you to just put in your address and other details regarding the pet and then you can send the request. The best thing about such an app is that all the vets registered in the app have to upload their authentic documents for verification. You don’t have to be worried about vet vetting anymore!

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