Archive | March, 2014

Make your own Chew toy for your Pet!

12 Mar

Dogs can be adorable and loving, but when the teething begins, it’s almost like all their senses shut off. This is because, like human kids, their teething also irritated their gums and makes it very difficult for them to resist putting anything in their mouths. So, torn shoes and bed spreads are the order of […]

Make your own Dog Shampoo at Home!

7 Mar

If you own a dog(s) just as I do, you will understand when I say how a dog’s maintenances and expenditure can cost us a fortune. Living in a world where money can never be enough, it is extremely important for us to be able to find out avenues where we can save a little. […]

How to care for your new puppy?

1 Mar

Introducing your pet into the family is one of the most beautiful experiences that you will ever have. The day when you start planning about getting your own puppy, the kind of reactions you will get from your friends and family will range from over enthusiasm to hatred. However, once you have made the decision, […]