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Make your own Dog Shampoo at Home!

If you own a dog(s) just as I do, you will understand when I say how a dog’s maintenances and expenditure can cost us a fortune. Living in a world where money can never be enough, it is extremely important for us to be able to find out avenues where we can save a little.

Saving money in the maintenance of our pet doesn’t mean that we don’t love them! In fact, my husband and I find ourselves compromising on stuff that we really want to buy just so that we can facilitate all the needs of our loved beagle!

So the best alternatives are?

The biggest areas that eat up your money in maintaining your pet are:

1. Food

2. Cleanliness

I remember my mother ranting on about how dirty dogs can smell and that god awful smell that really encompasses the whole house. So, while I was on my usual hunt to buy dog food online I also checked a couple of sites for cheap (yet safe) dog shampoos.

That’s where I stumbled upon a great recipe of a do it yourself dog shampoo that you can easily make at your home!

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Before we begin

Before you start off with any experiment, just try consulting a Dog Kennel in Bopal to ensure that none of the ingredients are irritants for any specific breed that you might be having. You can also look up the internet or speak to a vet in Ahmedabad to be absolutely sure.

Once you have done your research, follow these quick and easy steps to make your own pet shampoo at home!

What we need

  • Oatmeal
  • Baking soda
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Tea tree oil

These ingredients are easily found in any kitchen these days. If you don’t have oatmeal, you can also use cornstarch.

So, to make this lovely shampoo, just pout all the ingredients in a blender and mix it up until it gets a shampoo like consistency. With the exception of Baking soda, use all the other ingredients to work up a thickness that you like. Baking soda should be only a teaspoon.

I have found that because of all the honey, my beagle completely enjoys his bath time and comes out of it thoroughly clean.

When you bathe him, make sure that you rub the solution on his fur till you work up lather. Then once the lather has coated his fur and the honey and tea tree oil has been absorbed by his body, you can move on to showering him with a pipe or just put him in a bucket.

Storage and handling

Because your dog shampoo is completely organic, it runs the risk of going bad too easily. You must refrigerate it for best results. However, it is a very simple process to blend these things together, so I would suggest that you whip up this shampoo every time you need it. Refrigerate the remnants.

Most of all enjoy the bath time with the puppy otherwise they will come to hate the process. It is a fun filled time for your family to come together and play with your adorable pet. Enjoy and make it a thing that he looks forward to.

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