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Make your own Chew toy for your Pet!

Dogs can be adorable and loving, but when the teething begins, it’s almost like all their senses shut off. This is because, like human kids, their teething also irritated their gums and makes it very difficult for them to resist putting anything in their mouths.

So, torn shoes and bed spreads are the order of the day. If you are going through a similar situation and don’t know what to do, well here’s listing a few quick tips to keep your pet away from your Gucci’s and Prada’s.

1. Keep your shoes in a cupboard: we love to keep our slippers lying around here and there but when your pet is undergoing teething, make sure that you have put your shoes in a cupboard that your adorable puppy cannot open by himself.

2. Use Slipcovers instead of bed sheets: Slipcovers fit your mattress snugly thereby leaving no space to hold on to. Since your puppies don’t intentionally want to tear stuff, they will be more interested in chewing things that are easily accessible and not hard to find.

3. Encourage using chew toys: give your puppy a couple of chew toys and encourage him to chew on it. You can also give it flavours to make sure that he loves to chew it rather than anything else.

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Making your own chew toy

In case you reside in Bopal, get in touch with a Dog Kennel in Bopal so that he can give you the right food for your breed of puppy. Remember that you should feed your dog minimum variety because unlike humans their digestive system requires mostly bland food and consistency.

So, coming back to the chew toy, pull out an old t-shirt that you are willing to part with. Make thin stripes with it and start braiding and knotting until it becomes a length of knots. Make sure that the knots are tight to ascertain that they don’t start coming off when your dog pulls at them.

Now, put the chicken broth (without salt)/ dog food gravy to a boil and submerge the chew toy in the pot. Bring the toy to a boil with the broth. Then remove and dry in the sun. This toy will now have all the flavor from the broth which will attract him towards it and prevent him from trying to bite off your precious belongings.

 Don’t put a muzzle!

Unless your dog has taken to serious biting and injured people do not put a muzzle on him. It can have serious psychological implications on him and hurt him on a level that will make him even more aggressive and insubordinate.

Always be loving towards him and encourage him to bite only his toys. If he tries to nip you and it hurts then say ‘Ouch’ loudly and don’t play with him for a few minutes. When you resume he will not bite you as hard.

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