How to have a well Groomed Dog

Dog grooming includes a lot of different dog grooming services – it includes basic services like bathing, trimming their nails, pressing their anal glands, brushing teeth and trimming their hair.  Grooming enhances a dog’s appearance and helps to keep their skin healthy.

There are quite a few reasons why quite a few pet owners choose to get their dogs groomed, beyond the usual dog bathing.  Grooming plays an important part in pet care – every breed requires some amount of grooming on a daily basis.  How much an owner has to groom depends on the breed and the overall health of their pet.  Grooming helps owners to catch health problems and treat them soon.  Another reason why grooming is important is that many dogs shed a lot of fur during the spring and fall – bathing and brushing them on a regular basis helps to keep the hair bunnies in the home to a minimum. For those who are allergic to pet dander but still want to have pets, it is a good idea for them to choose breeds, which don’t shed at all like Poodles.

Dog Grooming Services

What dog grooming services offer:

Dog groomers are well equipped with all the tools and knowledge to make sure that the job is done properly. They can also trim and style specific breeds – trimming hair is practical for a number of breeds and helps breeds with long hair stay neat and tidy. Some breeds also require stripping of their coats and groomers are well versed in the art of doing it by hand.

Daily grooming is important for a number of reasons. Dogs are prone to getting skin allergies just like people – grooming helps to cut down on the problem. Since dogs need natural oils on their skin and coats, Dog Bathing is recommended on a monthly basis by vets.  It helps to keep the dog clean and also lets the owner or groomer feel. Their body and find out if they have any health issues like cuts and even parasites like fleas and ticks.

Tools needed:

Many pet owners may not be able to afford Dog Grooming Services.  For those who choose to do it themselves, tools can be bought at any pet or regular department store.  Some tools which are essential are a shedding blade, scissors, special nail clippers, stripping combs, brushes and rakes.  Brushing their teeth is important as well – many pet owners. Brush their puppy’s teeth from a young age to get them used to the process.

Dogs can be bathed in a bath tub or shower cubicle with a handheld shower.  There are specially formulated shampoos for dogs as well – so use these to ensure that their skin doesn’t dry out. They have been bathed, their hair should be dried with a towel or a hair dryer depending on the breed. Pet owners with breeds like Golden Retrievers and New found lands should brush their dogs regularly to keep shedding to a minimum. Special attention has to be paid to dogs with floppy ears, as they are prone to ear infections. Combs are good tools to remove knots from their coats.  Dogs should get their nails trimmed regularly to ensure that they don’t have problems with their paws.

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