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The day finally arrives when you and the children pick up the puppy that everyone has been waiting for since Christmas.  The children are especially excited to have their very own furry friend – puppies just like children, tend to have accidents.  There are times when they pee or poop on a favorite rug and it has to be cleaned up.

puppy potty training ahmedabad

For first time pet owners, there are classes for puppy potty training Ahmedabad.

Some of the tools and methods that pet owners learn are as follow:

Paying attention:

Puppies do give signals that they need to pee or poop. Paying attention to them and noting their needs is an easy way to ensure that they get to a specific spot to do their business. For the first few months, it is advisable to confine a puppy to a particular area so that the area for accidents is restrict.  Puppies usually start sniffing and squat to do their business. This is an owner’s cue to take them outside. Usually, puppies are fed 3 times a day so it is a good idea to take them out every hour or after every meal so that they can relieve themselves.  This is common advice that any puppy potty trainer Ahmedabad will give owners.

Praise and Consistency:

If a person is busy and may not have time occasionally to take the puppy out, crating them may work well.  Puppies appreciate the safety of their crate and it becomes their den.  Crates should be big enough for them to stand up and move around in.  Puppies and dogs generally do not mess up their crates and can hold it till they are let out. Vets and trainers usually recommend. That owners leave their pets alone at home or crated for an hour plus their age. If a puppy is 3 months old, it can be left alone only for 4 hours at a stretch during the day. Praise the puppy when it pees and poops outside so that they understand that they have to poop outside.  Many owners choose to work with professional Puppy Potty Trainers Ahmedabad so that they can learn the commands as well as ensure that their puppy learns to walk on a leash.

Crate training:

Repeating an activity consistently helps puppies tell their owners that they have to relieve themselves. Puppy potty training Ahmedabad, owners learn to use training pads as well in cases where they don’t have yards. Training pads have a specific scent, which attracts them to a particular spot to pee or poop.  Every time the puppy does his or her business, praise them. Puppies are usually quite smart and will let their owners know that they have to go out.

Pet owners have to remember to praise their pets and give them enough time to sniff and relieve themselves. Funnily enough, potty training is the first step in bonding with a dog. It is a good way to learn their personality and train them to lead a happy, healthy life as part of a human family.

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