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Dog Training for Provision of a Meaningful Life

My passion for dogs has opened a new arena in my life. Earlier I was just contented to keep dogs as pets in my house. I used to spend the entire day looking after them, feeding them, playing with them and of course training. With passage of time they would understand all my needs and respond to my order. This created a strong sense of satisfaction and elation. I would feel so proud and would tell everything about this to my friends. They would also listen avidly to my interesting episodes.

Dog Kennel

Wonderful Suggestion

Seeing my passion and way with my dogs one of my friend suggested that I can expand my horizon and build a Dog Kennel in Ahmadabad. She pointed out that people wanted to leave their dogs in case they had to leave the town at some place which was dependable. At the same time they wanted some person to groom their dogs. Initially I never wanted to get into this hassle. But the thought of translating my passion into work started making sense and I got into the profession of dog grooming in Ahmadabad.

Exploring new dimension in life

My primary intention of grooming dogs was to be able to be in their company throughout the day. Being with dogs made me very happy and satisfied. It was a challenge grooming dogs of different breeds. Each dog reacted in a different manner and wanted specific attention. I was amazed at the way dogs responded to my orders. Some were shy whereas others were very aggressive. I started grooming all species of dogs. Every dog was different and unique. The furriers need lot of pampering whereas Dobermans’ are reticent and shy. I am thoroughly enjoying the grooming sessions I conduct. My heart’s desire as I am interacting with dogs of every size, shape and colour. I understand their need for companionship and train them so that even their owners are proud of them. They enjoy the freedom of running around, taking orders and doing just about anything under my expert supervision.

Providing excellent grooming

Now, I have created a superb infrastructure in my farmhouse where I attend to my’ students’. Further, I have provided the facility of bathing shampooing, conditioning, cleaning, brushing teeth, nail clipping, flossing, and untangling of long hair in my farmhouse. I have employed additional staffs who make sure that cleanliness is maintained at the place where my dogs are trained and groomed. Now my students are enrolled for competitions. Only recently my favorite spaniel has won a first prize for his amazing feats. It is difficult to express my feeling of pride when his name was announced by the judges.

Well, besides this, my income has also increased and now I need not depend on any one for my financial needs. All this is too good to be true. I never thought my love for dogs would show me the way to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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