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Blissful Experiences you Experience only with Pets

I am an animal-lover and puppies are my best friends and most wonderful companions. I enjoy playing and taking care of them and I never seem to get enough of them. As I came to Ahmedabad after my transfer, I felt lonely and wanted to keep dogs as pets. I explored the internet and browsed through various websites related to buy puppy Ahmedabad and buy dogs Ahmedabad. I have recently brought a springy white Pomeranian, a Golden Retriever and a Doberman.

Warm friendship

I always unwind and relax in the company of my energetic and lovely friends. During that time I forget all my worries and get recharged and I can feel a fresh surge of enthusiasm and joy seep in my body. They are really adorable, friendly and respond to my commands. I love my morning walks with them and cuddle with my springy white Pomeranian in the bed.

Excellent facilities in Dog Hostel in Ahmedabad

However, many a times I have to stay away from home owing to office work. This is the time I really worry about their well being. One of my friends who are also a dog lover who had also helped me Buy Puppy in Ahmedabad took me to visit a dog hostel in Ahmadabad. Initially I disliked the idea of a “Dog hostel,” However, when my friend took me to a dog hostel in Ahmedabad, my apprehensions completely disappeared. I discovered that the hostel was run by a retired military officer who loves dogs and looked after them with lot of love and affection. He has created lot of facilities for the welfare of dogs. The vet comes regularly to keep a check on their health and has maintained a proper record of their vaccination. Now, I am feeling relaxed since I can leave my pets in the hostel without any hassle.

dog hostel

Making kennel for my pets

Earlier I used to think that putting Dogs in a Kennel is not healthy. I considered it as a kind of punishment for them. But the experienced manager of the hostel made me see the reality. He convinced me that the dogs also needed a safe and a secure place which they can call their own. Since I have a big garden I have planned to make three individual kennels for my pets. I intend to give them a place which is specifically theirs. I have placed a warm comfortable pad to lie on and keep food and have kept colorful utensils to keep water and food. In fact a dogs kennel needs to be a place where he can go and feel secure and comfortable. I also know that they will not get into any kind of harm and will love to sleep in their own small houses some times.

Engaging an experienced trainer

I have now engaged an experienced trainer who provides efficient dog training. The committed trainer has really groomed my pets and polished their mannerisms. I am surprised at the way they perform some amazing feats

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