My daughters have always been hooked to dogs ever since they were born. We do not have a dog but if we go out and there is a dog walking with his master, then both of them would run to it, ask its name, stroke it and play with it. Big or small, was never an issue – as long as it had four paws and had its tongue hanging out. Then came the day when they watched 101 Dalmations and that was it. “We have to get a puppy, Mamma”, “Mamma can we get a Dalmatian? They are so cute” and on and on it has been going.

I have tried telling them that having a dog is hard work and that they would have to look after it just like it was their little baby. Both are keen on the idea so I have started doing a bit of research on things to consider before I decide to buy a dog in Ahmedabad.

buy a dog in ahmedabad



Like it or not, cost plays a big factor in the overall equation. To Buy a Dog in Ahmedabad is not the end – it is actually a beginning whereby you are fully responsible for all its needs and overall long-term health.  Expenses to be factored include grooming, training, general care, and veterinary bills.


Dogs require attention all the time. If you not in a position to give them time, then it is best to abandon the idea of getting one.  It might be a good idea to get one, but sometimes buy a dog in Ahmedabad does not necessarily be a means to an end.


Do you have space to house a dog? If so, how much? There is no point in getting a huge dog when you are living in a 5×5 studio flat. Dogs like large open places so consider the idea only if you can give them that.


Once you get a dog, it is a lifelong commitment of some 12 years. Can you give that sort of commitment? The next twelve years of your life belong to your dog. Remember your dog will not be able to travel in confined spaces for long should you consider taking him along when you go on holiday. The best you can do is taking your family to a nearby beach resort. Unless you can find someone to look after him whilst you are away, then say goodbye to all those exotic holidays you had planned.


Dogs get lonely just like we do and therefore it is important that there is someone with them throughout the day for company. Do you have that “someone” if you are not there?


What looks good on screen or in pictures may not be ideal with your surroundings. The chosen breed should match your lifestyle. Every breed has its own personality and if your Labrador just chews everything in sight. Then you must not get annoyed because that is what he or she does.

These are the main pointers that you should consider. To be honest I have thought about all these points and the question I do ask myself is “Am I ready for that sort of commitment?” Much as I like the idea, it has put the scares on me.

So have I decided to buy a puppy in Ahmedabad? I honestly do not know. However, a friend recently suggested that maybe I could try my hand at fostering one and see where it takes me. It will give my daughters and me a firsthand experience on what a dog’s life is without the constraints of a commitment. I hope that I will share my experience when I foster one.

However, if you are seriously thinking about getting one, then contact doghostel.com. They will help you in selecting the best breed as per your environment and requirements.




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