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Check your Dog Trainer Out!!

I have had the most awful experience recently as far as dog trainer are concerned and I am writing this blog in the hope that all of you will read this and not go through the nightmare that I went through.

I got hold of one who came and checked out everything and agreed to train my dog. He was very good with my dog and I hired him. Of course, he wanted a booking fee, which I willingly gave him, after all it was for my baby! Everything was finalize and he turned up and taught some basic tricks like sit, stand, stay etc. He then asked for the rest of the payment and disappeared, never to return.

Despite my attempts to get hold of him since then, he has disappeared from the very face of the earth. His phone is always switched off and I have no other way of contacting him. I do not think I am ever going to see him again.

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I went through this experience not once but twice. In both instances, what they taught was nothing compared to the exorbitant fees they charged.

These experiences have taught me to be careful now and my advice is not to give any advance for the training. Better to give it on the day they turn up. At least you know that they have turned up and are genuine. If they ask for one, just give a nominal amount.

It is also good to check out his credentials and get a few references before hiring one.  His references will definitely tell you what makes him tick. Talk to a few of his clients as that will also help you make that decision on whether he is the right one for your dog or not.

In future, I will be doubly careful as to who I hire. Only when I am satisfie that he ticks all the boxes of my requirements will I bring him on board. Once bitten, twice shy – that is what has happened in my case!

Always hire a genuine person and specially if he is associated with some Training Company.

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