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Summer is here and so is the season for eating cool yummy delicacies. The summer has not just come this year; it has come with a vengeance, hitting 50 degrees on the mercury.  For us it is the season for drinking cool frappes, iced teas, smoothies and juices and eating cool yummy desserts like ice creams, gelatos, frozen yoghurts and sundaes.

Funny enough dogs have the same urges that we do. They tend to eat less in the summer as their metabolism rate decreases.  It is therefore important that we look after their summer needs just as we do our own.

Most importantly, it is crucial that they do not suffer from dehydration. Make sure that there is plenty of clean and cool water available for your dog at all times.  You can even add a few ice cubes to the water. Dogs like them and the ice cubes will aid in cooling them down.

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Apart from water, I will list a few yummy treats that you can make and feed your Dog. He will enjoy these treats just the way you do your desserts. Some of the treats are fit for human consumption too, so you will not need to make a separate batch. Just make extra for him when you make for your family.


Add strawberries to cool, unsweetened yoghurt and freeze the mixture in ice trays. They make a great snack and are a rich in source of anti-oxidants too. You can rest assured your dog will thank you forever.

This treat can be tried with different fruit combinations including blueberries, bananas, apples, kiwis, oranges, raspberries and cranberries. Just remember wash and to remove the pips and inedible skins and peels before using the fruits.


Just like buttermilk is good for humans, it is good for dogs too. Serve it either in liquid or as frozen cubes.  Ensure that you do not add any spices in the buttermilk.


Blend apple and plain yoghurt with a little bit of water. Pour into mini-moulds and freeze overnight. Your pet will love these treats and more importantly they are healthy and nutritious too.


Mix some Greek yoghurt, banana, peanut butter and one teaspoon honey. Spoon the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze for at least four hours, although overnight is ideal. Once ready, thaw them for a couple of minutes and pop them out. Your children and your pet will devour them in no time. What an ideal summer snack. Healthy for you, healthy for your pet.


Take about 850ml of coconut milk and add some washed strawberries.  Put the mixture in a blender. Add one teaspoon cinnamon and 60ml honey. Blend together and remove in a freezer safe container. Freeze overnight or until it has reached ice cream consistency.  Serve it to your pet and watch him lap it all up in no time. Yummy! Don’t hang your tongue out! You can have some too!!

Make this summer a memorable one for your dog. Remember treats are always good in small helpings. Much as your dog does want more of these yummy delights, be disciplined in how much you give him. Don’t let those deep,  soulful eyes make you feel guilty. Just think of the pleasure he gets when he eats the treats you have so lovingly prepared for him.

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