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Best Potty Training Tips for New Pet Owners!

The worst nightmares of any dog owner are the dog potty training part. Dog potty is something that scares even the bravest of us all. I have come across many people who would really love to buy a puppy but deter only because they don’t want to go through dog potty training pains.

Better safe than sorry!

The general rule of thumb about avoiding dog potty hassles is to ensure that you avoid the drastic feeding mistakes. This step comes even before the step of actually undergoing the process of Potty Training. Following are a few quick pointers about how you can do things differently to avoid any Dog potty mistakes.

dog potty training tips

  • Do not over feed your puppy. You might do it out of affection but it would affect him adversely
  • Do not give him an assortment of foods. Keep it bland and simple. It is easy for him to digest.
  • Never feed him at irregular junctures. Keep his food timings specific so that he and you are both used to his bowel movements.
  • Never feed him salty foods. It increases his thirst and also degrades his coat.
  • Never use ammonia based cleaning compounds. Dogs take it to be urine and develop unclean habits.
  • Never wait for a toilet accident. Be vigilant of the time and take him out regularly so that he can go to toilet. Eventually he will develop a habit of going out for his own business.
  • Leave a little space for your dog to come in and go out (within your garden or terrace area) as he pleases. It helps him learn to go about his business by himself.
  • Don’t leave him alone for too long. He will start thinking of it as a private time to take a leak indoors.
  • Do not say “Good boy” or “good girl” to your dog when they potty. They will associate these words as their cue to go potty.  So the next time you praise your dog in front of a house full of guests, they will start right on your carpet as if on cue.
  • Do not let your dogs mistakenly think of carpet or rugs to grass. Keep them off limits so that they know it is not their area.
  • Do not be lazy with your dog. If you are lazy to take him out for his business in the initial few days, he will definitely develop that habit from his master.

How to teach your puppy to toilet out on a walk

Most dogs are creatures of habit. So if they are taught in the initial days to pee only in their homes or gardens, they will continue to do so even if you take them out for a walk. They will go for the walk and yet wait to return home for their pee or potty.

To break this habit you will have to ensure that you don’t return home until and unless your dog has relieved himself. Stay out long enough so that your adorable pet is forced to go out. Repeating this exercise for about a week will put him in the groove of adjusting his bowel movements accordingly.

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