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What to Feed your Adorable Dog!

The biggest debate that most pet owners enter into is regarding the kind of food that they feed their pets. I, being a dog lover from the age of 4, like to conduct a thorough research about what the product is going to do to my doggy before I put anything in his mouth. However, not everyone can do the same. I don’t suggest that you don’t love your dog enough, but the basic problem lays with the fact that here in Ahmadabad, not a lot of people stand aware about the kind of dog food habits that specific breeds need.

Dog Food

Ready made food or Home cooked meal?

I have seen people who prefer to go all out and buy pedigree only for their dogs. While the dog owners might think it is the best thing to do, it might not always be the wisest of decisions to buy Dog Food all the time.

I am not saying that there is no need to buy pedigree for your lovely little pet, but like us, even our pets need a balanced meal. One thing that you must do before you buy dog food is to check the specifications of the food so that you know what you are putting in your dog’s mouth.

Dogs like to be fed something different every day. This keeps them looking forward to their meals. Otherwise, it can be quite painful to ensure that you dogs eat up everything properly. You can try using a combination of pedigree and a home cooked meal every alternate day or as you seem best.

However, never feed your dogs everything that is meant for humans. Dogs have a different digestive ability. So, ensure that you feed him the bland vegetables like butternut, pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato. You can add coriander leaves from time to time but not regularly.

Do not feed your dog cabbage like vegetables or even lentils and dhal because they tend to ferment in the intestines of the dog making him very sick. Feeding meat to the dog is a very good idea but avoid doing it every day. Once a week should do the trick.

Check him for allergies

Every time you feed your dog something for the first time, ensure that you check him for any allergies. Speak to the vet regarding the special needs of your particular breed. You can also consult any dog kennel in Bopal regarding such details.

In case you are situated in Ahmedabad, you can take your dog to a dog hostel that also trains the dog about how to eat his food. Remember to take your dogs out for a walk regularly to ensure proper digestion.

If you are feeding your dog ready made meals check its ingredients. Avoid any meal that states wheat or corn as the first ingredient. Dogs can’t digest these things well and eventually end up vomiting or pooping continuously.

Also the more they poop the more they have to be fed in order to make sure that the protein content is high. Feeding eggs is a good idea because it has the right mix of proteins and fats. Add a dash of olive oil in your dog’s food. It will improve his coat’s lustre as well as eye clarity.

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