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Controlling Aggression in your Pet Dogs

Dogs are a blissful companion to humans. It is true that if you have never owned a dog, you will probably never truly understand the bond between a dog and his master. They are very loving and adorable, but they too have some temperament issues just like human beings. We are all subject to various moods and emotions. We, being humans, are good at lying, deceiving and hiding what we really feel very easily. These naïve creatures, on the other hand, are way to honest and simple, to understand the complexities of hiding real emotions.

What’s in their hearts is on their face!

A dog is a perennial child. He thinks and acts just like a human baby would, throughout his age. Although, when your dog is a senior, he will show signs of maturity, but in his heart, he will always remain a playful little child.

This is why, just like children get angry over simple things, dogs too feel terrible about some things that we do. Like, for example, if you leave him alone, he gets angry. If you take away his toy, he can get angry. And unlike humans, the dogs will show their anger in silly ways. If you want to avail Dog Training in Ahmedabad you can find many simple solutions to counter these problems. Find a dog hostel in Ahmedabad to find best dog training solutions in Ahmedabad.

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Some dogs choose to urinate in their master’s favorite shoes, or take a poop in the middle of your expensive rug. Others, resort to aggression, they don’t know what money is all about and how they are harming your property. All they know is that they need to send you a message about how frustrated they are about the things that you are doing.

Choosing a Dog Breed

The first thing that you must identify is that whether your dog is truly aggressive or are you misinterpreting him and his behavioral tendencies. In order to understand these things, you have to also first understand the primal nature of dogs.

It is really nice to love your dogs and treat them as your children, but you cannot for one instance forget that they are in fact animals. They have some basic tendencies bred into them. Before you plan on buying a dog breed, you have to make sure that you know about the dog itself.

Every breed has its own peculiar tendencies. You must understand what a breed needs before you choose to bring him along. Some people like the look of a particular breed but don’t quite appreciate its behavior. If you have solely chosen your dog based on looks, then you have seriously committed a big mistake.

Manifestation of Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is not simply when he tries to bite you or other people. Dog aggression can manifest in more ways than one. It can be seen when he bites your clothes, or shoes, gets really angry and out of control when he sees another animal and many other such activities.

The only way to help your pets get out of this aggression is to establish yourself as the pack leader so that he can trust you and feel protected in your presence. Another very good idea would be to help these dogs socialize them with other dogs. Putting them in a dog hostel in Ahmedabad is a good way for them to interact with other dogs.

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