Many dog owners don’t realize that the best way to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy is to make sure that they socialize enough with their kind. It has been seen in most cases that dogs love to hang around their owners and other humans, but they get insecure and angry when another dog is around.

This is because they feel a little too threatened. When I got my first dog, I had a hard time deciding whether I should allow him to meet with other dogs or keep him secluded to keep any infection at bay. The internet was a mixed bag of solutions. Some people say that it’s best to keep the dogs away from other dogs to ensure that there is no scope of passing on any infection. However, I learnt it the hard way.

I kept him away till he was four months old and after that, every time he saw any dog, he completely lost. Now I find it’s a little too late to introduce him to any other dog. However, a simpler solution struck me.

Dog boarding kennels

Dog boarding kennels are a very easy and effective solution to ensure that your dogs can socialize under expert supervision. You can approach any Dog Grooming in Ahmedabad and they can suggest a good boarding kennel for you.

When you admit your dog at a grooming kennel, he is forced to meet other dogs in a very simple and healthy environment. Because of the trainers and other expert professionals supervising the entire meeting, you can rest assured that the meeting will be safe and secure.

How much time will it take?

Dogs are just like humans. They are unique and each one has a different temperament. So, they will all take individually different time to acclimatize to new environments. Usually it takes about a week for them to gradually become tolerant towards other dogs.

 Dog Boarding Kennels

However, make sure that you are available for the initial ice break. They would feel protected in your environment and will trust you alone. Stay there and carry lots of treats. Make them happy and relaxed. Love them and reward them when they start getting comfortable.

Bringing your dog home

Now that your dog is comfortable with other dogs, you can slowly start introducing him to other dogs in your neighborhood. Make sure that no change is very sudden or unexpected or else you will scare him.

Most importantly you have to understand that you have to give your dog all the love in the world. That is the only way to ensure that you have a happy relation with the dog. Understand him and his needs so that you can provide for him. Your dog needs your care and protection all the time. Don’t get angry at him because you can’t understand him. Take time to read about him and his particular breed so that there is no chance for you to go wrong. Give your dog lots and lots of exercise so that he can utilize his energies in the best possible way.

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