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How to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

As pet owners, we’d do almost anything for our four-legged friends. But, we are all aware that having a pet is more than that. They are more than just animals. Our furry, fined, or feathered little ones require love, care, and attention to live a happy and healthy life. Additionally, we want our houses to be cozy getaway places for us and our pets. So, you might be asking yourself how to make your home safe for pets? Luckily, you can do plenty of useful things to cater to their needs and make them feel comfortable in a home that is both made for humans and pet-friendly.

Helpful advice on how to make your home safe for pets

Owning a pet brings a whole another dimension of love and responsibility. So, if you have already hired a reputable moving company such as City Movers to help you move to your new home, you want to find ways to accommodate your pet. The tips below will especially be helpful if you fall under one of these scenarios:

  • you don’t want to leave your dog in the backyard;
  • you don’t have time to train them, so you want the place to be available for them;
  • or you have an animal that sheds a lot.

Whichever the case, careful thought and good preparation are the keys to having a successful improvement project. Even though having both a stylish and pet-friendly home sounds like an impossible task, here’s how to make it a paradise for everyone that lives in it.

Pet-proof the area

The chances are that your pet will spend a lot of time indoors, and you might be away for a certain amount of time. That’s why it’s crucial to remove any potentially dangerous items in a safe, out-of-reach space, like all the knick-knacks, cords, small toys, etc.

A hand holding a remote control and a room in a home safe for pets without the cords and small toys.

Here is a list of the most common safety-related things to look out for.

  • Find a way to cover or move out of sight the electrical outlets, cords, and other dangling wires from TVs, stereos, and especially from the electronic devices you aren’t using often.
  • Keep children’s toys, toy parts, buttons, strings, and other bits and bobs, and sewing tools, out of your pet’s reach
  • It would be wise to move potentially poisonous plants where your pet cannot access them. 
  • Vacuum the place regularly.

Buy pet-friendly furniture

If you’ve already shared a home with a pet, you might already know that having a stain-resistant fabric goes a long way. So, no matter if you’re moving to a brand new home or are updating your existing one, it would be wise to save your light-colored furniture in climate-controlled storage for some time. You can use this option at least until your pet gets adequately trained or you find another not so frequently used place for it. The benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit are many, but the fact that you can keep your most delicate items out of harm’s way ought to be of particular importance for renters. By doing so, you will ensure your furniture pieces are safe and have the right conditions.

When investing in pet-friendly furniture, look for the stain-resistant type of materials. Be sure to avoid tweed, silk, velvets, and light colors.

Use garbage bins with lids

A lot of dogs tend to get into the trash. That’s why having tall trashcans with lids is the best option for making your home safe for pets. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to choose a durable and secure trash bin. Also, it would be wise to keep it out of sight, such as behind a kitchen cabinet or in a closed-off pantry.

If you wonder why this is so important, keep in mind that your trash bin is full of potential choking hazards, chicken bones, fruits, sugar from chocolate, coffee grounds, all of which can be harmful to our pets.

Hide sweets, medication, vitamins

The last scenario we want to witness is for our pet to taste some human medication or vitamin that might be deadly. That’s why it’s crucial to keep these things in a closed cabinet, possibly within a sealed plastic bin. Another option is to keep these things high up on the shelves

Also, keep in mind that human food cannot be handled by many of our pets. Things like chocolate, nuts, grapes, raisins, and avocados can be poisonous to them. 

A couple cooking with their cat in the kitchen that is safe for pets and counters are clean.

Consider window screens

This is an essential thing if you own a cat. Unfortunately, many cats had severe injuries leading to death due to the “high-rise syndrome.” This is a recent phenomenon that caused hundreds of cats to fall out of two-story windows and high-rise buildings. Therefore, installing screens on the upstairs windows is vital as soon as you move in or beforehand.

Have paw-safe flooring

A scenario in which both you and your pet are happy is a carpet-free scenario. This is because many carpet materials cannot withstand stains and pet damage. Additionally, they absorb nasty odors quickly. If this isn’t you, make sure to learn about the ways to keep your carpets clean as a pet owner.

On the other hand, if you wish to invest wisely, a great option would be ceramic tile or porcelain tile flooring, which effectively resists stains and scratches. 

A large kitchen with tile flooring.

Get down on their level

Finally, it’s essential to put ourselves in our pets’ places. Therefore, getting down on all fours and investigating the place through our pet’s eyes will be the best way to create an entirely pet-friendly home. 

Look out for trip hazards, areas where they can get bruised easily, or places they can access (but you don’t want them to) by jumping or climbing. 

Final thoughts on making your home safe for pets

These tips and tricks will help you make your home safe for pets. Doing this will go a long way to keep your little furry friend content and protected. We wish you luck on this endeavor and congratulate you on being this cautious and considerate to your four-legged friend. They also deserve to feel like a part of the family, to be loved and looked after. After all, having a happy pet stems from how they feel inside a family, and yours is a beautiful place to belong.

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