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What to look for in a Cat Window Perch

A cat window perch can be an excellent gift to give your cat, as well as being incredibly useful for your own kitty’s needs. However, with so many on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose! Here are some tips on what to look for in a cat window perch, so you don’t go buying the wrong thing and ending up with something that your feline will only use once or twice before completely ignoring it forever.

How many perches are needed?

If you have more than one cat, it’s important to have enough perches so each cat can be on one at a time. You should also consider whether your cats are indoor-only or if they will spend some time outside. If they’re going outside, then weatherproofing and rust resistance is essential. If your pet spends its time inside, then you can probably find cheaper (or free) options that still provide comfort and entertainment.

Is any type of material better than another?

While mesh window perches have many great features, it’s important to consider whether they’re appropriate for your cat. If you have an indoor-only cat or even a dog that likes to lay on your windowsill, I would recommend sticking with solid plastic or wooden perches. Not only are these materials more durable, but cats tend not to like to paw at them because they can be noisy and distracting (this is less of an issue with outdoor cats). The last thing you want is your cat becoming annoyed with its new perch and refusing it all together!

Will a cat use the cat window perch?

Cats will use anything, but they’re quite particular. You’ll want to pay special attention to how your cat interacts with a window perch—including how she climbs it and whether she climbs on it at all. For example, if you’re considering purchasing two perches that are side by side or in tandem, be sure you watch your cat interact with them first (and again). If she uses one but not both of them, you know right away which one isn’t doing its job. Also keep in mind that cats are very sensitive to change; even if something worked perfectly before, it could be totally different now.

Is it secure?

You don’t want your kitty taking a great leap and falling right through it. To ensure that your pet stays safe, find a perch with strong suction cups or mount one on sturdy hardware that won’t fall off easily. You also want something with enough grip to hold onto your windowsill, as well as roomy enough that your cat can sit comfortably without slipping through. Another thing to think about is whether or not you want one that is movable so it can be taken from window to window, or if you prefer an attachment so it never has to be moved again.

Safety Concerns

When choosing a cat window perch, safety is one of your top priorities. A cat can slip or fall off of even well-constructed surfaces, so you should never place your perch too close to an opening or corner that might make it difficult for kitty to land safely if he slips. Also consider placement—if you place it above a traffic area on an exterior wall, your cat may jump up there without realizing that’s an unsafe spot. Place his perch at least three feet from walls and windows so he has ample room to hop down if need be. You should also ensure that any surface material you choose isn’t hazardous—adhesive materials are bad because they could cling to his claws and coat and take him over with him still attached!

Are there different shapes and sizes?

The size and shape of a cat window perch can have an impact on your cat’s comfort. For instance, if you have multiple cats, you’ll want to consider whether or not they’ll all be able to use one perch. There are also different shapes available that can help with climbing and ease of getting onto/off of. Some come with handles as well; cats may like having something extra to hang onto while they get used to their new window perch.

How do I place my cat window perch?

Your cat window perch will be perfect when it is easily accessible and not blocked by anything. You should think about where your window perch will fit best and how easy it will be for your cat to use. If you have windowsill decorations, such as plants or vases, you might have trouble placing your cat window perch near these items. Make sure that your window perch is located away from any direct sunlight so that your cat does not get too hot. In addition, make sure that if there are any fans or heaters nearby, they do not blow directly onto your cat’s fur because he could get too cold from drafts.

Where can I buy the best window perches?

If you’re wondering where to buy cat window perches, there are many online stores that offer them. Amazon has become one of my favorite resources for these items, but if you prefer not to shop on line, your local pet store is always an option. The best advice I can give is just spend some time comparing prices and reviews until you find something you like. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at

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