On demand app for vets

If you have a pet, you know how blissful it is to hold this bundle of joy in your arms and feeling their hearts beat with yours. The movie ‘A dog’s Purpose’ talks about how a dog dies and comes back again to discover what purpose its life had. A touching movie that brought tears to all our eyes.

But while watching that movie weren’t there moment when you felt. If only there was a way to call the doctor faster so that the life of the dog could be save? Well, if that movie were made in today’s times that could’ve been possible.

On demand apps for vets

Smart phones or vets?

An app to help out with everything these days, there is one that is cater specifically for our furry friends. Yes, as a blessing to pet parents. These apps are handy solutions confined within an app in your smartphones. which can be used whenever you want to in order to book a meeting with your vets.

There are two ways in which these apps can be use:

  • To schedule an appointment with a veterinary doctor where you can take your pet at the designated time and place.
  • To call the veterinary doctor to your doorstep to provide medical assistance to your lovely pet pooches.

Does it solve a real issue?

While a lot of people argue if such apps solve any real issue or are they simply some sort of a money making gimmick, pet parents confirm that this app is almost like a blessing for them. Pet parents aren’t unfamiliar with paranoia that comes with every minor change in the behavior of their pets. This why having a handy app that helps getting a doctor on call immediately is a huge requirement.

Pet owners are really old or incapacitated, it should not delay or put on hold the pet’s health.

How the On demand app for vets works?

The on demand app for vets requires users to first create a generic profile with their names and addresses. Then a detailed profile of the pet is made, with the name of the breed, age and other specific information. The app user is also require to then update their medical history and any treatment received. App can be use to book an appointment with a vet for non emergency situations or even call a doctor immediately for urgent emergencies.

The app makes money

The app is an excellent way to make money. Pet owners spend heavily on their pets to ensure their well being and happiness. Such apps help app owners make commission every a booking is made through the app. It is a win-win situation for the vets (who find business easily), pet owners (who find medical assistance for their pets easily) and the app owner (who end up making a lot of money easily)!

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