Can one make money with the help of a dog walking app?

These days one can do just about anything with the help of an app. Gone are the days when you were dependent on yellow pages for your every need. Today, all you need to do is find a suitable app for it. Applications have made life a lot easier for users. As more and more people globally are getting converted into smart phone users, the ability to reach out and offer services too is increasing.

Having pets is one of the biggest joys of our lives. These furry friends give us a new lease on life. They don’t judge you if you are fat or ugly or poor or sick. All they need from you in exchange for their undying love is regular walks.

on demand dog walkers app

Yes, walking is non negotiable in a pet’s life. It’s okay if you give them their food a little later than you usually do, but what is not okay is to get late for their walk. All you ever need to do to keep these little buddies happy and gay is to ensure that they get their timely walks. But isn’t life too busy these days?

Walking dogs in busy schedules with Dog walking app

Lives have gotten so busy these days with work and other social obligations that it might get tedious to take your dog out for a walk. This is where the app steps in. Uber like dog walking app, one can easily book a dog walker through the app whenever they want to! These apps have been specifically design to ensure that they are easy to use and offer the services of listed, reliable and experienced dog walkers to take care of your pooches.

The business model

If you are wondering how these apps work, well, it’s quite simple. The principle behind it is pretty much similar to that of a taxi app. This is nothing but an Uber for dog walking app. Basically the user can log onto the app and place his or her requirement. This requirement is match with all the service providers in the area, who can accept the request and get the job.

The amount may be set by the admin, or can be unique to every service provider based on what they bring to the table. These apps ensure that the users can make an informed choice about money and rating before hiring the dog walker.

Now, every time someone uses these apps, the admin of the dog walking app gets a commission. This means that the site owner or the app owner doesn’t need to do anything at all. The app owner essentially acts as a platform where the buyer of service and seller of the service meet up. So, just like a café where two people might meet and decide to go for a date (and they have to pay for the coffee regardless of whether they like each other or not), the app is a third party facilitating a dog parent to meet a dog walker.

This commission model proves to be extremely fruitful for the all the parties involved. The user only pays the amount pre decided. The service provider gives up a percentage in order to meet the customer. The admin makes money without having to lift a finger.

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