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Reading the emotions of your Dog

Dogs have a unique heart. It is simple and beautiful and only full of love and affection. If you are a dog owner, then you know how much your dog means to you. But do you mean just as much? Is their love a different kind of love? Can they love us just the way we do? Sometimes, some dog owners are plagued with a concern of whether their dog love them or has bonded with them or not. Here are the best ways in which you can tell:

If your dog stares at you, he or she loves you

Ever caught your furry buddy just staring at you? Well, that is his or her way of showing affection. Dogs have a different way of experiencing the world around them. When they look at you with a death stare, it is because they care enough to focus their entire attention in trying to find out what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

If he takes a bow

It is literally the cutest thing to watch a dog taking a bow while looking at you. When a dog sticks its chin to the floor and raises its ass to high heaven it is almost like a ceremonial invitation to play. You can call it a playful challenge, so can start a game of tug of war with them.

They blink often in your company

Dogs will never blink if they are uncertain, unhappy or nervous. When dogs are in the company that they trust they exhibit a more relaxed body language. They will blink often, pant slowly and leave their tongue loose. They will also yawn at you if they love you. Yep, they’re crazy that way.

They listen to you

Dogs might not understand the words you speak, but they understand the tone in which you do. If your dog sits through a one sided conversation listening to every word that you say then they love. Think of it in the other way around. So, would you listen to your dog bark away without understanding what he is saying? Will you listen to his whining and talking? If you will you love your dog. Similarly, if they can sit through your monologues, they love you too.

They walk on a slack leash with you

Not walking your dog on a leash is not recommended even if they listen to all your instructions. This is for their safety. However, if your dog walks on a slack leash it means he or she doesn’t want to get away from you. They love you and are comfortable hanging out with you on a leash. If you don’t find enough time to walk your dogs you can go for an on demand dog walking app which functions similar to an Uber for dog walking application.

They try to snuggle in bed with you

If your dogs try to sleep in with you even if you try to push them away it is because they love you. They find a certain degree of comfort and joy in your smell. You might have even caught them trying to rub their entire bodies against your mattress. This means they are trying to get your smell on to themselves. This makes them feel safer and protected.

On the whole, it doesn’t take a lot to get your dog to love you. Being attentive of what they want, playing with them, spending some quality time and giving them physical affection are all little ways in which you can build a healthy relationship with your dog. Make sure that they are getting an adequate amount of exercise to ensure that they don’t have any pent up energy in their bodies that can manifest in the shape of bad behavior.

If you find that you don’t have enough time, hire a dog walker from an on demand dog walking app. Such Uber for dog kind of apps have professional dog walkers who have experience in handling different breeds of dogs. Help your dogs love you by paying heed to their needs.

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