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Grooming your dog is a very important aspect of our lives. If you have a dog, you know there is more than just their playful demeanor. You need to help in ensuring that our pooches are well groomed so that they can live a happy and healthy life.

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Dogs don’t particularly enjoy getting groomed. This is why you have to make sure that you are armed to the tooth before you get your dog to the grooming place. Make sure that you have your comb, slicker brush, tooth brush, nail clipper, damp towel, dry towel, toy all in one place.

Give your pooch a massaging comb

The first step to perfectly grooming your dog is to comb him out properly. Dogs can develop hair mats which can be very unhygienic and painful. It order to avoid that, you can ensure that you comb them slowly and evenly. For a dog with shorter hair, matting does not commonly occur. This is why you can just brush them regularly. For longer coated dogs, remember to first comb and then brush them. The objective of brushing and combing is to spread the oil from their oil glands all over their coats. It gives the coat a healthy shine and keeps dirt away.

Give your dog ample breaks

Like we mentioned before, dogs don’t particularly like grooming. It isn’t a natural activity for them and they would much rather not go through with it. It makes them anxious and naturally nervous. This is why you should keep giving your furry buddies enough number of breaks to reassure them that everything will be alright.

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Pooch Praise and Pamper

It is of critical significance that you associate “happy” thoughts while you groom him or her. If you scold your dog while he is being groomed he or she might associate the act of grooming as a punishment rather than a reward. Give them treats (lots of them) when you groom them. Talk to them in a cheerful and happy tone and keep petting them.

Cut it out

If there are stubborn mats on your dog’s body, it is important that you cut them off rather than trying to brush or clear them. Sometimes the hair fuses together so badly that there is no choice but to remove the entire tuft of hair. It is also advisable to shave off that area and then clean it with a clean cotton and antiseptic lotion. If you notice that pulling on the mat has lead to injury on the body of your dog, be gentle and remember to keep applying a medicated powder on it repeatedly. If it looks like an infection, please see the veterinarian immediately.

Clean the gunk in the dog’s eyes

Some dogs with large eyes can develop this condition. It isn’t harmful but one must take care that the eyes are cleaned regularly to avoid build up or infection. Sometimes, dogs try to remove the gunk by themselves. When this happens, they either leave it close to their eyes or somewhere else on the body. White dogs can develop tear stains because of this. Try to clean them regularly to ensure that you can avoid this.

Clean your dog’s ears

Take a damp cloth and clean your dog’s ears. Make your dog comfortable first so that he or she lets you do the cleaning properly. You want them to be stay in a relaxed position as you wrap the cloth around your fingers and clean the inside of their ears. Keep smelling their ears. If their ears stink, you have to take them to see a veterinary doctor. Dogs with longer ears or ears that remain covered can be very susceptible to infections owing to damp environment. After you use a wet warm cloth on them, remember to use a dry cloth over it as well.

Chop them nails!

This is probably the part that is most difficult. If your dog is a sensitive breed, then you should be overly careful about how you handle their nails. If you aren’t careful, you might end up scaring them. If they pull out instinctively, then the nail clippers can accidentally clip their quick.

On Demand Dog Grooming app

If you are unsure of how to handle such intricate dog grooming services, then it might be a wise idea to use an ‘On demand Dog Grooming application’ to hire a dog groomer to come to your home and offer the best services at the most affordable rates. These days, on demand service provider apps have become quite popular. You too can try to launch your own on demand Dog Grooming business.

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