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Dog walking is one of the most enjoyable experiences for pooch parents. A companion walking along side you, going about his or her business and getting you lots of attention. That would be the perfect scenario. However, sometimes, our pets just slam the brakes hard on and refuse to budge an inch. Most pet parents make the mistake of thinking that their dog is very stubborn, while the truth could be quite far from it.

Before out rightly declaring your dogs as stubborn and ill mannered, there are a few things that all dog walkers and pet parents should consider: is your puppy worried for some reason? Is he sick? Is he scared? Once you know what the issue is, it’ll be a lot easier for you to address her.

Let us try to examine the most common reasons why dogs act stubborn while walking and the best solutions given by some of the best Dog Walkers in the industry.

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New puppy stops moving the moment you leash him or her.


The puppy is probably terrified by the uncomfortable feeling of something around their neck. The best way to introduce the leash to your puppy is to give him a treat the moment you tie the leash. Don’t start walking immediately. Play with your puppy for a while so that he or she starts associating the leash with happy thoughts like playing and rewards. Once your pup is used to the leash, he will be a lot more comfortable walking around with it.


Your dog starts walking and then stops suddenly. After that he simply refuses to budge.


Sometimes, dogs don’t feel too well. This won’t be reflected in their daily activities but perhaps it becomes uncomfortable for them when they walk. Examine your dog’s body for any external injury. If there aren’t signs of any, then try stretching their limbs to see if there is some internal pain. The dog could also be suffering from a heart condition or unwell lungs. If such behavior has happened suddenly then you must take him to the vet for a checkup.


Your dog is always distracted while on a walk and doesn’t enjoy it at all


Perhaps your dog is simply bored. Dogs have more complicated brains than we give them credit for. The first question you must ask yourself is whether you are stimulating your dog’s mind enough for him to pay attention to you? If you don’t care much about what goes on in your dog’s brain, then chances are that he doesn’t care either. Dogs don’t know what to focus on. So, unless you give them something interesting to think about, then your furry fluff ball is not going to enjoy the walks. Try giving him treats so he has something to look forward to. Also, give them little puzzles to solve so that they can “earn” their rewards.


Your dog refuses to leave the house with your dog walker


Believe it or not, dog walking is quite an art. You shouldn’t let just anyone walk your dog. Dogs are sensitive animals. They have emotional needs which we don’t realize. If your dog refuses to go out with the dog walker, chances are that he is not being treated well dogs love the outdoors. And they love anyone who takes them out. If your dog is not willing to go out with a particular person or a group of people, it is a clear indication that he is very scared. Change your dog walker immediately. Better yet, walk your dog yourself for a few days.

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Finding the Right Dog Walker

Finding a person appropriate for the task may be difficult if you are on a wild goose chase. Try using the Uber for Dog walking application that finds the most reliable and experienced dog walkers in and around your area at the most reasonable rates. The On Demand Dog Walking Apps have proven to be a big success because it helps people who can’t take their own dogs out in finding a loving and caring dog walker.

Since it has become quite popular many dog lovers have started opting for it as their own personal business. The Uber for dog walking is an excellent platform that can help dog loving entrepreneurs to earn money while they do what they love to do.

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