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Stop! Don’t hurt your dogs by doing this!

Dog parents are usually overly careful about how they treat their pooches. However, sometimes, in the guise of affection, we end up hurting our canine cuddlers more than helping them. We know that some dog parents let their pooches eat ice-creams and saltines, even though it should not be done.

When asked, they will just say, “but how could I not?” Will you give your child a sip of dishwashing soap just because he wants to? If you are a good parent, you won’t do that. So, don’t hurt your dog by giving in to his demands.

Here is a list of all the things that you might mistakenly be doing and should stop immediately.

dog grooming

Pre-bath Brush

It is mandatory to brush your dog before giving him a bath. Dogs have a lot of hair that sheds regularly but doesn’t fall off unless you brush them. People think that it’s okay to not brush their dogs before their baths. It’s going to get cleaned in the wash anyway. But the problem is, if your pooch has longer and finer hair, it can become matted and tufts of hair stick to the skin. This may hurt them when bathing and can also prevent the soap and the water from reaching all the way inside to the skin. Brushing them regularly is a healthy practice, but if you brush them once before their baths, it will calm them down and get rid of any matted tuft as well.

Post bath brush

Now, a lot of dog parents ignore this step. They believe that if their pooches have been brushed earlier, they don’t need to be brushed after their bath. But nothing could be farther away from the truth. Basically, when you give your dog a bath and massage their skin, a lot of the loose and unhealthy hair comes off. But no matter how much water you wash them with, the hair will stick to the wet coat.

This is why it is important to brush them even after they take a bath. When you brush a wet coat, you tantalize their skin even more. It creates a much better coat for them because the oils that are secreted from their oil glands are distributed evenly across their whole coat.

Leaving soap residue

This is a very common problem that happens with many dogs. Because dogs have such thick coats the probability of residual soap being left in their skin. IT is very similar to our hair. IF you don’t wash post shampoo really well, you will end up with dandruff. Dogs can also suffer from dandruff and other skin related diseases. When you think you have washed your dog enough, go ahead and wash him some more. That is the only way you can be absolutely certain that all the soap has gone away completely.

Use a Dog Grooming appointment app

This is a very handy app for any dog parent who is not very great at grooming the dog but wants to ensure that their pooch is properly cared for and healthy at all times. The Uber for pet groomer app is essentially an on demand mobile application that connects dog parents with professional dog groomers based on their location and the suitable pricing.

If you are a dog groomer yourself and want to expand this business then having such an app can help you a lot. There are many companies online that offer such apps. You can make a simple online search of Dog grooming appointment app and you will find a list of companies offering such services. Just explore all the options that this app gives and you can be very successful in the app world. You can establish a very successful business with this and ensure that you continue to make money by reaching out to multiple customers quickly and easily.

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