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How to keep your Dog Safe When you’re away from Home

A relationship of dog and its owner is inseparable; it’s an unbreakable love & care. Being an owner dog owner, you always keep them within your sight. Being a pet, dogs are the most fun loving creatures on this planet. Their one vision of joy makes our day happier. Whether it is getting a vet on demand app on your phone or simply running behind your dog all the time, the love that a dog parent has is manifested in many ways.

But, sometimes, dog owners find themselves in a situation where they have to move out of their home for some urgent meetings or for official work leaving their pets alone. This is the time when they are constantly worried about their safety which can bring a halt to your primary work. More or less, your dog too requires a proper care from their owner. However, they are still the tiny toddler which releases your all day long stress with their cute expressions.

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Here, we have a list of gadgets and ideas that will keep your dog safe and you, concern free.


Integrating webcams to every corner of your home can help you track your lovely pets with ease. If budget is your concern then you can put cameras in those sections of your home where you find that your pet should be unsafe.

Still, if these options aren’t completing your concern then place a webcam on your dog’s collar belt. So that you can easily track your pet where he/she goes.

Dog Gates

Sometimes it is necessary to restrict the area for your pets due to some certain reason. But, you may have to worry in the time of your absence at home. No need to stress out because dog gate can help you in restricting the area and will let them roam around in the limited section of your home.

Dog gate are alternates of big fresh door which do not have any glass panel and are small in size. This gate is easy to place or remove and do not disturbs the beauty of your furniture. This will keep your dog safe, away from the area where you do not want them to go and will make your home furniture more elegant.

Soft Dog Bed

Dogs prefer soft places to settle down themselves rather than hard place like wooden floors or marble floors. To complete this wish of your pet, you can bring soft dog bed to your home and gift them a better place to sleep.

Dog soft beds are better alternates from your couch cushions. It is completely made up of memory form which has more density if compared to natural latex. This can keep your beautiful dog safe and healthy in various other ways.

Steps for Pet

Mostly dogs love to rest themselves at some height from the ground level. You may be noticing that your pet love to jump on your bed, not only to cuddle with you but also to make themselves comfortable. However, this process of jumping on and off from the bed can lose down their joint which can make them suffer in old age.

To get them rid of this condition, you can purchase steps for your pet. These steps will help your pet to climb up and down from the bed easily. Steps for pet are made of soft cushion that gives them complete grips while climbing up.

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Important Indications for your Pet in your Absence!

  • Consider giving them a proper training before you go out leaving them alone. Let your pet know that it’s for their own safety.
  • Attach a personal detail tag with the collar belt. If your dog somehow moves out of home and gets missing, people around your pet will come to know his/her details.
  • Always keep soft toys for your pet to keep them busy until you are not back to home. Dogs love to play with soft things.

Being a dog parent, it is compulsory for you to make them feel comfortable at your vicinity. After all, it’s their living place too. If no other options come up for your dog safety while you’re out, just Uber for Veterinarians and forget about any concern for your pet.

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