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The Best Dog Grooming Tips for New Pet Owners!

People usually don’t own pets only because they look good or act as a status symbol. People get their pets so that they can tend for them and care for them like their own. I don’t know why but there is a special joy in brushing their coat and bathing them. One feels so good when their pet shines with a glory that only you could have given him. However, Dog Grooming can sometimes pose to be a challenge for new owners. Here are a few simple Dog grooming tips that will keep your pet the shiniest one in the neighborhood.

Dog Grooming Brushing

If your dog has a short coat you only need to brush it once a week. However, remember to use a bristle brush first to get away with all the dead hair. Once that is done, use a natural brush to evenly tap throughout the coat. Buff it afterwards with a chamois cloth to give it that added shine.

For longer coats repeating this process every alternate day is not a bad idea. However, you don’t need to buff it with a cloth in the end. Make sure that the brush you use has a rubber end to it which can help in removing the dead cells along with the dead hair.

P.S: perform this activity in the outdoors to avoid stray hair all over your house.


Bathing can be a difficult thing, because not every pet enjoys a hearty bath. To give your dog an ideal bath in Ahmedabad, it is best to fill a tub ¾ with Luke warm water. Brush in shampoo on the dog from the tail upwards. This freaks the dog lesser as he has time to look around and feel comfortable. Take care not to splash water in his eyes or ears. Check the ear for ticks or odors. They are the first signs of infection. If your pet tries you nip you while you bathe it, it is best to put a floating toy close to him. It will take its focus on the toy rather than you. In summers you can leave him to dry him up, but in winters, blow dry the pet at very low heat settings.

Foot care

Nails have to be trimmed the moment they touch the ground. It might mean weekly or fortnightly. It is advisable to have a pet groomer in Ahmedabad handle it for you, because pets are scared of anyone getting around their toes and therefore react in a hostile way. Get in touch with a professional dog kennel in Bopal who can handle it for you.

Special breeds

Some special breeds require special care. While Dog Boarding for every breed is more or less the same, the grooming needs are different. Pets with folds in their face must be taken care of in a different way. Every fold has to be cleaned regularly to ensure that infection or bacteria are not developing. Hair leading into the ear too must be removed. You can check out a Dog Boarding Facility in Bopal that helps with dog related issues so that you can do it yourself once they show you how to.

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