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What are the ‘must have Pet Dog Supplies’ at home?

When it comes to doing your bit for your pet dogs, every owner finds himself in a soup. This is because of the huge range of pet dog supplies available in the market that it is difficult to identify what are the things that you really need and what are the things that can be done without.

We like to pamper our dogs but sometimes we don’t know how to look for the right products. I have owned dogs since I was a child and that was a long time back, so all these years have taught me how to tend for my dog and what Dog Supplies are absolutely essential. I wish I had internet in my time to learn these things from, but now that I can share it with all the pet enthusiasts, I hope you can make the most of it.


Some people find it inhuman to collar their dogs. However, a dog collar is a very important accessory. It tells that the dog has an owner and in the off chance that it gets lost, nobody will hand them over to municipality thinking it a stray. The best thing to do is to get a smart collar that can lend personality to your dog. You can DIY it and make one at. Every time you take your dog out, just add your address to the collar so that if it gets lost it can be returned safely to you.


A leash is a must have for every dog. In fact, it might even be the first item to be catalogs in dog supplies category at any Dog kennel in Ahmedabad. A dog leash is useful for taking him out for walks or securing him to particular points when necessary.

Dog Kennels

If you are a dog lover, you will understand the significance of a Dog kennel. Every dog needs a special place it can connect to as its private home. You can buy a dog crate or Dog kennel in Ahmedabad in or around the Bopal area at very reasonable prices.

Dog bed

You don’t want your dog to get a habit of squatting on the floor. That’s why it’s important for it to learn that it must sleep only in its own bed. You can put a large floor cushion in its crate and teach it to sleep there if you don’t want to buy a special dog bed.

Dog Grooming Kit

You must have a stash of the entire dog grooming equipments. Go to a pet dog supplies store and ask for a dog grooming kit which will include everything from the dog comb, to its shampoo.


Dogs, like babies have a very irritating teeth development period. In order to help them, get lots of chew toys which he can munch at so that he leaves your shoes alone!

Dog Bowls

Get individual bowls for food and water. Make sure that you keep it clean and keep the water bowl full at all times with clean water. They are as prone to sickness as we are.

Dog food

These days dog food is easily available anywhere. You can even order it online. It is advisable to keep at least two kinds of dog food available so that you can change the taste for your pet. Bulk buying might be a cheap way to combat the prices.

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