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Pet Dog Training done the Right Way!

Long ago, in the middle ages, owning a pet would be a status symbol. I do remember studying somewhere that during the medieval times, ladies of high stature would fancy keeping a little lap dog and take him around wherever they go.

Today, a lot of things have changed in the world, however, one thing that remains unchanged is the fact. That people still love to own pets as they help in recognizing them as better off than others. Well yes, I do snob a little bit because I like any other pet owner, have the joy of being able to share my life and its happiness with a companion that offers undying friendship and fierce loyalties.

The Downsides of Owning a Pet

Although, if you ask me, there are none at all, but however, for the benefit of people who have just bought a puppy, here’s a list that might seem to be the downsides of having a pet.

  1. Its bladder is troubling your home’s odour
  2. You have to wake up early on weekends
  3. Go for your dog walk even when you are injured or unwell
  4. Reduce your outings or risk leaving your pet alone at home

pet dog training

The solution

The ultimate solution to any of these problems is dog training. Whenever you are planning to buy your puppy, it is best to conduct some research beforehand. One thing that you have to be careful about is the fact that dogs are living beings with varying moods and temperaments.

How to undertake pet dog training

There are many nuances t training your puppy into a smart and healthy dog however, the most important things are:


The first and foremost thing that one should think about is the objective of training the dog. You must remember that you do not want to instil fear in the mind of your dog but you want him to understand if he has done something that displeases you.

Dogs are very sentimental this is why if you keep on getting angry and scolding him and reduce to physical punishments; your dog will always be scared of you and might also sink into depression resulting in serious mental health issues.


Rewards are the fastest and easiest way to carry out pet Dog Training. However ensure that you reward them the instant they do something good.


The harshest punishments that you can give your pet are to give a tug at its collar. Beating or thrashing is going to results terribly as your dog will slowly sink into depression and never find out what upsets you. It is better to teach him the word NO and reinforce its use every time you don’t want it to do anything unpleasant.

Professional training

If you are a new dog owner it is best to get professional dog training in Ahmedabad. That way you do not have to worry about raising confusion in the mind of the puppies. You can easily find dog training services in Ahmedabad. You can use the help of any popular search engine to locate a good dog kennel in Bopal and contact them for their training services.

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