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Give your Pet a Happy Holiday!

It is said that only a man who is sensitive can own and care for a pet. I sometimes wonder what life is for people who don’t have a pet. I am certain that there must be an emptiness that can only be realised once you own a pet.

Well, apart from all the love and care that we shower on our pets, there are times that we find ourselves in a catch 22 situation. We need to go out of town and we don’t know where to keep the pet.

Being in the field of journalism, it has happened to me quite a few times. I need to go out to cover a story and my poor dog becomes homeless. Sometimes I haul him around till wherever possible, and on other occasions I leave him to the mercy of my neighbors. But not anymore!

A feasible solution

The solution to this issue is a Dog Hostel. Although the dog kennel culture was prevalent in the western countries since quite a few years, it has now entered India as well. You will easily find dog hostels and Dog Kennels in Ahmedabad.

dog kennel

So, what really is a dog Hostel?

A dog hostel is essentially a boarding facility where you can keep your dogs when you are traveling away or hen you are not in the position to tend for it. People usually book dog hostels for times when they cannot take the dog along with them where they are traveling.

A dog kennel in Bopal provides various facilities including bathing the dog, feeding it, taking it for walks, deworming it and so on and so forth. There are various different packages each with specific features.

You can choose the package that suits you best and rest assured that your dog is being looked after.

What kind of a hostel is ideal for your pet?

Dogs are very sensitive, so it is of utmost importance that the hostel that you choose for the dog is liked by him. Look for a hostel that has hygienic facilities. Of course, a little odour is natural, but you can tell by the smell if they clean up the place regularly or not.

While choosing the hostel, ensure that you also pay strict attention to the kind of diet being provided. If there is some special requirement, you can speak to the manager to facilitate it. You must also see the attitude of the keepers. It is important that the keepers actually love dogs and aren’t into the profession only for the money.

Keep a track

If it is your first time and you would really like to keep an eye on your little pet. You can ask for a dog hostel in Ahmedabad that provides CCTV footage to you of your dog. That way you will be able to keep an eye on your loved pet always. Remember to ask for a detailed report regarding his food habits and exercise while you were away so that you know if everything has been alright. You might observe some fluctuations, but that is only because he misses you so much!

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