dog hostel

What is the need of a Dog Hostel?

A dog hostel, or a dog boarding, is an institute run by professionals to whom you can entrust the care of your dog when you are incapable of taking care of them for any reason. Often you will find yourself travelling to places that do not allow dogs or you have to take care of some family emergency which leaves you with no time for your dog. Finding someone who you can trust to look after your dogs is not always possible. Simply leave your dog in the expert care of a dog boarding facility and they will make sure that they are groom, fed and get proper exercise. If you are looking for a quality dog kennel in Ahmedabad, DogsHostel provides world class dog boarding facilities and will ensure that your dog gets the same care as he would at your home.

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your dog is being look after by professionals. Who have worked with dogs for years and will be capable of looking after them properly.

Advantages of DogsHostel

DogsHostel is a leading Dog Kennel in Ahmedabad and excels at providing complete dog boarding solutions for all breeds of dogs. We employ several experts who have worked with show dogs, pageant dogs and luxury breeds of dogs. We are well equippe to take care of your dog and will provide them with services like:

  • Your dog is look after by trained professionals
  • 24 x 7 availability of medical aid and expert veterinarian doctors
  • We use only premium dog food brands for your dog
  • Admittance to only vaccinated dogs to ensure health of all the dogs we look after
  • Large play area where your dog will get to run around and exercise
  • Special dog toys which will keep your dog entertained in your absence
  • Individual enclose spaces where your dog can rest without being disturb
  • Strict monitoring by our attendants when dogs are allow to play together
  • Regular grooming of your dog

If you are looking for a quality dog hostel in Ahmedabad, DogsHostel is the perfect solution. We provide boarding facilities for dogs and ensure that your dog is look after by professionals. Through our dedication to quality, we have established ourselves as one of the best dog kennel in Ahmedabad. And our services come highly recommended. DogsHostel is manage by professionals who are experts in looking after dogs. You get to leave your dog in the care of one of the best dog hostel in Ahmedabad. You can rely on us to provide expert care to your dog whenever you get caught up in some emergency or go on a vacation.

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